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At Box, everyone looks their best. We know how to light you best and will coach you on the best way to pose, twist and move to flatter you!

Snapshots don't sell you

Quatity images get noticed. When someone needs a model, they can usually tell at a glance of your photos if they might be interested in you or want to pass you by. Investing in quality images takes you farther.

From basic headshots to portfolio expansion...

We can do it. With modeling and fashion, you, and your look, become the product. You need images of yourself that allow you to sell your look. This calls for much more than duck faced selfies

Be Bold!

Fashion and modeling work follow different rules than normal portraiture. We're not afraid to break some of those rules for bold, high impact images.

We're not here to sell you classes...

but for newer models, we help coach you through the process. Effective body movements, hand placement, awareness of the light direction all matter to a model. We direct when we shoot and help make you aware of these things

You can be the canvas

Gary is an award winning body paint artist as well. His creations combine an outfit literally painted on you, then photographed and composited into a breathtaking piece of art